“Dan impressed the hell out of us with the quality of his work. He was and is an all-around fun-man who has an extensive knowledge of creative practice and audio bad-assery. He made us sound better than we sound. We will definitely record with him again! A true professional and all around great guy! His beard does not disappoint.”

Joe Green, The Arkhamists

After working with Dan at Univibe over the past couple of years on different recordings, I can certainly say that Dan is the Man! With such an incredible attention to detail, and fantastic approach to working, Dan makes the entire recording process fun and entertaining, as well as getting the absolute best out of every performance with useful advice. Also, when it comes to the mixing of the tracks, Dan’s amazingly fine tuned ears will make your songs sing! Dan has become an important part of helping my band shape the sound that we were looking for, and we will always come back for more!

Joel Hughes, Flight 15