Dan Willett

Sound Engineer/Bassist for Hire


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“Dan is an amazing engineer with a very good ear for detail. We’ve worked with him on a number of occasions over the last couple of years and would never consider recording with anyone else. Univibe Audio provides a nice clean and comfortable atmosphere. This, coupled with Dan’s friendly and laid back personality, made it easy for us to relax and enjoy the recording process. Our band’s sound has been captured perfectly by Dan. Those that have listened to our EP regularly comment on the great sound quality and we’re frequently asked where we recorded our music. We’ve been more than happy with everything we’ve recorded/mixed/mastered with Dan and we highly recommend him to everyone. Dan truly is the man!”

Secrets of Mariana


“We have spent the best part of a year recording new material with Dan at Univibe Audio. Over this period he has proven himself a patient, understanding producer with great musical contribution. He is a highly skilled and experienced engineer who is open and keen to try new recording techniques. As a mixing engineer Dan has a very thorough ear, and if the genre at hand calls for it, he’s the man to scan the music with a fine-toothed comb. Time and time again, respected industry professionals have commented on the very high sonic standard of our EP and have complimented Dan’s skills. To top all of this we have made a good friend in Dan. He is very easy going and open to your ideas, which is essential to your recording experience.”

– Joel Tudor-Owen, Dharma Sunset


“Dan managed to take all our outrageous, harebrained ideas and craft a great sounding album. He did a top job creating some monstrous sounds with some of the ace gear at Univibe, as well as teasing some awesome tones out of our own decrepit equipment. The end result was both slick and original and perfectly captured our sound, as well as the whole experience being a blast from start to finish!”

– Rob Stimpson, “Cower, Hounds!” [Drums]


“As a songwriter composing songs from the bare bones of an acoustic guitar, I need my songs to ‘come alive’ in the studio. Songs are my babies, and just like any baby you have to trust someone to hold them in safe hands. Dan Willett did exactly that. A Pro attitude, and conscientious to the CORE.
*For Best Results* Keep Dan well oiled with the essential liquid refreshment for all things sonic – A good brew.”

Kaid Hussain [Songwriter]


“We’ve recorded 3 songs with Dan so far and are definitely looking forward to the next! He’s right on when it comes to engineering and gets the sound you’re looking for in no time. He creates a relaxed but hard working atmosphere in the studio and always gets the best out of every session. The tracks we’ve recorded at Univibe are the highest quality we’ve heard! Dan certainly deserves credit for being an excellent engineer and producer, and is highly recommended by Tomb!”

– Louis Morgan, Tomb Hazard [Guitar/Vocals]


“Recording with Dan at Univibe was a fantastic and professional experience. Some of the best recording gear around and an engineer who certainly knows how to use it. Personally, it was the best drum sound I’ve ever had, and Dan captured the sound in my head to a tee. Dan definitely suited our style of music and knew how to work with our sound.”

– Damon Cox, Bovine [Drums]


“The Rock Dogs visited Univibe Audio in Birmingham to record three songs as a CD demo to give out to clubs, pubs and prospective clients for corporate functions. Dan Willett engineered, produced, made the brews, set up and generally made the whole two day experience fantastic! We came away with an album quality CD and our band has never sounded so hot. The guitar sound was superb, the drums full and the bass deep and powerful, our vocalist was over the moon with the tone Dan was able to conjure up for his voice. All in all Dan really pulled the cat out of the bag for us and in the words of Arnie ‘WE’LL BE BACK!!'”

The Rock Dogs


“Dan had already come highly recommended to us and exceeded his reputation after our first session with him. Great guy with a professional attitude and constantly committed to getting the best sound for your music. Behind every good band there’s a great sound engineer, and Dan is definitely that!”



“Working with Dan was an absolute blast. He was willing to let us do our own thing with the EP, but also had some quality ideas on how to better the product, acting as passionate for the music as we were. This is a guy that has definitely honed his craft over the years and is hands down one of the best engineers/producers that I’ve worked with in my 7 year music career. The recording process was stress-free and Dan’s mix of the final product was second to none and worth every penny of the asking price. I would recommend Mr. Willett to anyone.”

– Jamie Smith, Kaizen [Vocals]


“Working with Dan at Univibe has been a fantastic experience. His knowledge of Pro Tools, music genres and the way he gets involved in our recordings shows how serious he is about his profession . I would recommend Dan to any act, both established and new to the industry. We look forward to some great recordings in the future.”

 – Adam Rowley, Demons of Ruby Mae


“Patience pays for productivity and I have never met a man who is noticeably unaffected by difficult and artistic people wanting to get it right and often changing their mind! Not only do you get the services of a recording engineer, Dan is a competent musician and producer, often stepping up to the mic to offer a harmony or a bass line, which will often end up being the vital ingredient that you spent months trying to find yourself, only for him to find it in minutes. He is devoted to precision and is passionate about what he does. Having spent over 10 years trying to find a studio that gave me a product that I was happy with for a reasonable amount of money, I can honestly say that I have never ventured elsewhere or considered ever needing to. Very recommended.”

– Jonny Gavin, Demons of Ruby Mae


“Dan impressed the hell out of us with the quality of his work. He was and is an all-around fun-man who has an extensive knowledge of creative practice and audio bad-assery. He made us sound better than we sound. We will definitely record with him again! A true professional and all around great guy! His beard does not disappoint.”

– Joe Green, The Arkhamists [Bass]


“A very friendly and helpful guy! Got great results in the small amount of time we had.”

– Joe Lever, Young Kato [Bass]


“Working with Dan Willett is a real pleasure, not only does he give us the freedom and space to mould our own vision but he actively encourages and develops the sound. His personal and involved approach brings out all the colour, vibrancy and depth we seek in our finished, superbly mixed recordings.”

– Kyle Parsons, Bigger Than Seattle [Vocals/Guitar]


“Dan is a great guy to work with, even though I’ve never actually met the man! The Internet has given me many awesome things, and one of those things is undoubtedly, Dan. Since my first forays into studio recording, he’s been there to guide my crappy mixes into something actually listenable, instead of an ear-rotting sound turd of dissonant proportions, all the while being professional and friendly, and not hostile and volatile in any way. Which is good. After a while he was kind enough to lend me his bass talent as well, and what a delight it was to actually have a bass track that didn’t consist of phoned-in root note plucking! To think that a bass was more than one string? Preposterous! No, said Dan. I have many strings, let me show you: and so he did. So…he did.”

– Sondre Skollevoll, Moron Police/Sky Bear


“KillTimers have had the pleasure of working with Dan Willett on multiple occasions. He has helped us to achieve the sounds we were looking for on all the tracks we have recorded with him. He instantly knows exactly what you’re looking for! Dan’s friendly nature would build a great connection with any artist, making working together a breeze.”

– Jon Moore, KillTimers [Guitar]


“I’ve worked with Dan three times now in the last 12 months, and I must say that he doesn’t have the ‘that will do’ attitude that sound engineers I’ve worked with in the past have. His attention to detail is impressive and his drive to get the most out of a session is second to none! As a drummer, I was stoked with the drum sound of our recordings and Dan’s ear for tuning the drums is impeccable! I would highly recommend Dan Willett and Univibe Audio, I look forward to working with Dan again!!”

– John Maycroft, End Credit [Drums]



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