“Univibe is relaxed, professional & flexible. Dan Willett is one of the best engineers/producers/musicians I’ve worked with. We had fun seeing and hearing the ideas come to life.”

Nix Dadry

“Patience pays for productivity and I have never met a man who is noticeably unaffected by difficult and artistic people wanting to get it right and often changing their mind! Not only do you get the services of a recording engineer, Dan is a competent musician and producer, often stepping up to the mic to offer a harmony or a bass line, which will often end up being the vital ingredient that you spent months trying to find yourself, only for him to find it in minutes. He is devoted to precision and is passionate about what he does. Having spent over 10 years trying to find a studio that gave me a product that I was happy with for a reasonable amount of money, I can honestly say that I have never ventured elsewhere or considered ever needing to. Very recommended.”

Jonny Gavin, Demons of Ruby Mae