Sondre Skollevoll, Moron Police/Sky Bear

“Dan is a great guy to work with, even though I’ve never actually met the man! The Internet has given me many awesome things, and one of those things is undoubtedly, Dan. Since my first forays into studio recording, he’s been there to guide my crappy mixes into something actually listenable, instead of an ear-rotting sound turd of dissonant proportions, all the while being professional and friendly, and not hostile and volatile in any way. Which is good. After a while he was kind enough to lend me his bass talent as well, and what a delight it was to actually have a bass track that didn’t consist of phoned-in root note plucking! To think that a bass was more than one string? Preposterous! No, said Dan. I have many strings, let me show you: and so he did. So…he did.”